Thursday, 5 January 2012

Alzheimer Awareness Month

January is Alzheimer Awareness month.

How will you recognize it with your loved ones or organization?

Many people (like me) will be participating in the Walk for Memories. If you are interested in participating, don't forget to register soon!

This will be my first Walk for Memories and I'll be walking with a team. My friend Robbie's dad was recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's, and his family and friends have created a team in his honour. 

I was looking online at footage from walks and I found this video of a dance mob at a Walk to End Alzheimer's in Seattle (things get really jazzy around the 2:30 min mark). I love the fun and joy that the mob brought to the event.

Speaking of the Alzheimer Society, they've recently launched a new campaign called Let's Face It. the campaign is in response to recent survey which indicates that almost half of respondants lived with symptoms of dementia for over a year because they didn't know the facts.

I think the campaign video is simple and effective.

January is a great time to figure out how you can Get Involved with your local Alzheimer Society or other organizations!

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