Wednesday, 6 June 2012

ADI Survey.

Hi everyone,
We would like to share this message on behalf of Alzheimer Disease International. Please participate in this survey about stigma and dementia, or pass it on to eligible participants:

As part of the development of the World Alzheimer Report 2012, to be launched on 21 September, ADI is conducting a survey of people with dementia and family or informal carers to find out their opinion and experience of stigma related to dementia. The survey is in English and Spanish. The intended audience is only people with dementia and family or informal carers. Professional carers and associations are not being asked to participate in this way.

There is not much time - the survey will only be available until 17 June 2012.

We need your assistance. Please help us spread the word about this survey by forwarding this email, posting to your websites and social networks.  We would like as much participation as possible.  We recognize the format of a web-based survey may not be the best and only way to collect this information.  However, due to limited resources, we are piloting this to see if it is possible.  If your organization is able, feel free to provide assistance to individuals who cannot complete an online survey due to low educational level, lack of access to a computer or cognitive symptoms that impair their ability to use the survey, but they still have capacity to answer the questions thoughtfully.

Below is the link to the ADI website where more information and a link to the survey can be found:

This survey is also available in Spanish from:

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