Friday, 18 May 2012

The Longevity Revolution

I was just reading an e-newsletter sent by the International Federation on Ageing, which provided a link to a very interesting article in the 'the age'. The article features Alexandre Kalache, former World Health Organisation's Director of Ageing and reports on his forced retirement at the age of 62. He argues these types of policies are oppressive and do not represent today's increased life expectancy. Nor do these policies reflect, what is he calling, the new social construct. As stated in the article:

We are going to age differently. We are starting to see role-models who are active, demanding, who will want to work longer or will want more leisure or will want to take part in society and expect that people will listen to their voices. It's exciting because it's a new stage of human development … It's going to be a very vibrant transformational period that is going to have lasting influences.
In the article, Alexandre offers insights into what Australia, and other countries, can do to prepare for, and support, the longevity revolution. What a great term.

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